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Hawaii - Honolulu - Diamond Head View

Exploring Hilo, Honolulu And Kona, Hawaii

After leaving Long Beach, California, the MS Volendam spent four days at sea before arriving in Hawaii. There were three ports of call in Hawaii, including Hilo, Honolulu and Kona. The three stops each had an island feel, but also…

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Exploring With The Daily Program

Today is the last of four sea days before the MS Volendam arrives into Hilo, Hawaii. So today I wanted to share with you a little about how you know just what is happening any particular day on the…

Volendam - Canaletto Dessert

Transpacific Cruise – Food Options Onboard

One of the great aspects about travelling by cruise ship is your food is included. Not just any old food, but in my experience so far some pretty good food. So I wanted to share a little about the…

Volendam - Sea Days Entertainment

Transpacific Cruise – Sea Days Update

The ship departed from Long Beach, California around 5 pm on Saturday. The ship headed to the south for a little and then we started on a Westerly course for Hawaii. The next port of call is Hilo, Hawaii…

Volendam Sunset at Sea

Transpacific Cruise – Long Beach Update

Today is the third full day of my Transpacific cruise from Vancouver to Sydney. Today the ship is in port in Long Beach, California. Long Beach To be honest, Long Beach has not been on my list of places that…

28 Day Panama Canal Cruise

28 Day Panama Canal Cruise Summary

The idea of travelling by cruise ship had never occurred to me until booking an 8 week trip to America. Eight weeks is a long time to fill in when you are continually on the move. The idea of…

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