Transpacific Cruise – Long Beach Update

Volendam Sunset at Sea

Today is the third full day of my Transpacific cruise from Vancouver to Sydney. Today the ship is in port in Long Beach, California.

Long Beach

To be honest, Long Beach has not been on my list of places that I want to visit. I did take the time here to take a little look around and caught the shuttle bus to the Downtown area. But there was little of interest to me here mainly just shopping.

The cruise ship did offer some tour options. However, they mostly were tours that headed north to Los Angeles. Exploring places like Hollywood and Santa Monica which I visited on my last visit to America.

After spending a little time wandering around the shopping area, I caught the shuttle back to the ship. There is one interesting piece of history here the RMS Queen Mary. Although tours are available, I left it a little late by the time I realised.

Cruise Life

Volendam Cruise Sunset at Sea

Being back onboard a ship is exciting, and I am enjoying the time on board. There has been little to see for much of the voyage from Vancouver to Long Beach with a lot of Fog. Although I suspect, there would be little to see anyway. At this stage, I have very few pictures on the ship as I have been enjoying the experience of being back on a ship. However, do hope to be able to share some photos from onboard.


I have enjoyed the entertainment so far. I have been to two different shows in the showroom.

The opening show on the first night is a mixture of all the shows. It is a way that they introduce each of the different performers on the ship to you. It is quite a fun show, and hopefully, the rest will be somewhat similar.

The second night the show was a performer who had previously performed in Las Vegas. He was a single and not too bad. I enjoyed the show for the most part.

I understand that there will be a slightly different mixture of shows for this cruise. It is because it is a longer cruise, and they include some more one-off performances to keep people interested.

Meeting People

From my last cruise, I know that there is a lot of socialising that happens. So far this cruise has not been much different. I have been meeting a lot of new people, both randomly and while dining. So this has been taking up some time, but it is great not to be feeling alone when travelling.

There will be a couple more updates coming along the way. I am still unsure how the updates will go with images onboard the ship. The problem is the internet is relatively expensive, and the speed is quite slow.

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