Travel Explored Week 19 Round Up

Travel Explored Week 19 Round Up

For over 20 years now I have owned a camera, both film and digital. In more recent years I am very rarely without a camera close to hand when I leave home. But at the same time rely on the DSLR for capturing a photo and not even looking for a photo if I don’t have the camera with me.

So it was time that I put myself to the test and decided to head out with just the phone to see what I could capture on a bike ride. The results you can see in my post on Saturday listed below. It is a topic that I will definitely be writing a little more about in coming weeks, and how to get away from the reliance on the best gear. In fact starting to realise that you do not need the best gear for the job, the gear you have right now is the best gear for right now. I am sure that I will find a more eloquent way to word that when I write about it soon but hopefully you get the idea.

The week has been a little bit of a mix of weather as well. It started with a rainy day and forecast for other rainy days through the week. While this only impacted my time on the bicycle one day, other factors made this more challenging as well. Including one of my least favourite conditions to ride in which is the wind. But with that overcome, I did come up just under my target, which is not to bad.

On to the content though, there is I hope a good mix in there this week for you. A little discussion mixed in with a little bit of photography. As usual, I would love to hear your feedback on what I am writing and sharing as I would hope to be able to share what people want to read. There is a little change to the what I am reading section this week so hopefully you enjoy that change.

New Content

Monday 7th May 2018
Coffee, Espresso Yourself – Week 18, 2018

Coffee - Barcella, Victoria Point

The week got started with your regular dose of coffee shops with the featured image from Barcella at Victoria Point. There was a good range of cafes also included in this week which included Vast Cafe, Little Bloomfield Cafe, Coffee Nature, Oliver Browns, Manly Kitchen and Compound Surf & Espresso. Don’t forget to drop me a message or leave a comment if you know of a cafe in Brisbane or the surrounding area that I might like to visit.

Tuesday 8th May 2018
Why I Started A Travel Blog

Why I Started A Travel Blog

I took things back to early 2010 with this post and went into a little of why I started a travel blog. It was a fairly simple reason and a somewhat lazy one at the time. But I think that over the time when I have travelled it has become a little more than what it started out as.

Wednesday 9th May 2018
A Visit to the Nice Flower Markets in Nice, France

Flower Market, Spices - Nice, France

Although I had been hoping to have a photo like this with the wide range of vivid colours that you sometimes see. I end up settling for two photos at the Flower Markets in Nice, France. The one above was spices and also in this post is a photo of the range of flavoured sugars that were available.

Thursday 10th May 2018
Considering The Right Time For Travel

Considering The Right Time For Travel

Finding the right time to travel for both yourself and your destination can sometimes be a little bit of a balancing act. I have tried to put together a few of the considerations in this post. The easiest considerations to face though are those that are related to your destination. For the most part they generally just require a little bit of time and research to pin down the best time.

Friday 11th May 2018
On This Day: 2014 at Wivenhoe Dam, Queensland

On This Day: 11th May 2014 - Wivenhoe Dam

I have enjoyed looking back at some of the more random and varied dates on the calendar to share some of the photos I have captured. The idea definitely brings me to some collections of photos that I may not have gone back to otherwise. There have been a number of days that I have spent in or near Wivenhoe Dam and the 11th of May 2014 was one of them.

Saturday 12th May 2018
Bicycle Ride Along Redland Bay Waterfront

Redland Bay Waterfront

Trying out something a little different this week and this post was the result of that. The photos in this post are not taken with a professional camera like many of the other photos I share. They were all taken with my iPhone 6, something much smaller and easier to carry when getting about on the Bicycle.

My Recommendations

Instead of just focusing on what I read online I thought I would change this section up a little. Primarily because I consume a lot of different types of media from podcasts to books, websites to Youtube. So I thought I would share a couple of different things each week from all different areas.

Tom Bilyeu’s Health Theory, Impact Theory

Impact Theory is a podcast and video show that I have been listening to for some time now. One of the newest shows that is part of the podcast is a series called Health Theory. The episode that I listened to this week was with Naveen Jain, called Making Illness a Choice. There was some rather insightful information in this particular episode and all I can see is I am looking forward to a future where this is true. You can watch the video below or the episode is available in the podcast is available here.

Book: Your One Word – Evan Carmichael

I have only just started listening to this book but can see that the principle could hold some real value. The basic idea is that you need to discover the one word that is essentially your guiding light. For Evan the author his word is ‘believe’ and he says once I started bringing this into everything he does it made big changes. There are dozens of examples of this at the beginning of the book and I am maybe about a third of the way through. I am listening on Audible, but you can also pick it up as a physical book or on Kindle at Amazon. Your One Word – Evan Carmichael (Affiliate link)

Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you for taking some time out of your day for visiting and exploring the blog. I hope that you have enjoyed the posts that I have shared this week and if they seem relevant you were able to share some with friends. If you have any suggestions for posts or questions I might be able to answer please leave a comment below or get in touch.

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