Travel Explored – The Week In Review

Travel Explored Week In Review - April 9, 2017

The past week has been something of a trying time for me. It is the worst time to travel in Queensland as it is currently school holidays. But also there were not plans to travel elsewhere either.

In saying that it is quite possible a good thing I was not travelling. Last Sunday my MacBook decided to be a little less than cooperative (putting it nicely). So it took all week to finally get an appointment with the local Apple Store at 4.30 pm on Friday afternoon. But it could be in for a couple of days due to a heavy workload at the moment. The plus side is that even though it is out of warranty, the potential fault is a known issue. If that is all that is needed then it will be covered, but I will have to wait and see what comes up.

The problem with my Macbook has impacted my motivation somewhat. Even though I am prepared with another computer available to use, it is just a struggle moving from an Apple to a PC. But I still got three great articles out for you in the past week and have another three coming next week. So lets take a look at the week that was.

New Content

Monday 3 April 2017
Deciding To Book A Tour Or Explore Alone

Self Guided Exploration

Whenever we travel there is always a choice. Do you book a tour to show you around or get out and explore by yourself? I explore some of the benefits and negatives of both options and hope to help you make better informed decisions either way.

Wednesday 5 April 2017
Travel Better With Some Tech Hacks

Virtual City Tablet

With all the technology we have now it is inevitable that we travel with it. So if we are going to travel with the technology we need to make sure we maximise its usefulness. I explore a few options such as electronic guidebooks, downloadable maps and entertainment.

Friday 7 April 2017
The Achievements From My Life List

MS Nieuw Amsterdam in port Katakolo

Many years ago I created for myself a Life List or a list of things I would like to do within my life. While the list had some errant ideas on it there were a few items I have achieved to date. I share a little more of the story behind achieving these Life List items.

What I’m Reading

While it looks like I share a lot of content myself, I do also get a chance to read other people’s blogs as well. Below are just a couple of posts I found interesting and wanted to share with you.

Voyage To The Portuguese Colony

I post little travel questions each day to Twitter, and the question one day was “Where is the most relaxing place you have visited?” The response I got from @AnupriyaBasu123 of simply “Goa, India.” A short conversation ensued and she referred me to this post. I do definitely like the look of Goa and may just visit the area one day. The post has some very nice pictures and easily convinced me to add it to my list of destinations to visit.

10 Reasons To Visit Tajikistan

It would seem that I am rather easily swayed by some great landscape to wanting to visit a country. The more that I read about some of these little-known countries the more amazing places I find within the world that one day I would like to visit.

Works Start in Genoa On The First Ship For Virgin Voyages

It might not be the most enthralling post I have shared but it is definitely interesting for those who like to cruise. On the 22nd of March, 2017 the first steel was cut for the first ship of a new cruise line, Virgin Voyages.

Instagram Top Posts

Coming Next Week

Here is a short teaser for the following week on the upcoming posts. If you have any requests or thoughts on what you would like to read feel free to get in touch via the Contact Me page.

Making Friends With Couch Surfing

Travelling along can be a little lonely at times, but there are ways that you can find some friends on the road. Couch Surfing is one option that I have used and I share some of my experience.

The Advantages Of Travelling Solo

Travelling solo is something that I have done for the majority of my travelling. There are some definite advantages to travelling solo and while there are some negatives I wanted to focus on the positive aspects this week.

Finding Time To Write When Travelling

When I travel I love to write about my adventure and share it especially here on my blog. However, at times finding the time to write can be a challenge and I discuss the challenges a little in this post.

Where Is Your Next Trip

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks roundup of new content and what I am reading. If you have a moment I would very much like to hear about your plans for your next trip. Just head down the page and fill in the form to leave a comment, or you can get in touch with me directly via the contact me page.

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  • Anupriya
    April 9, 2017 at 11:05 pm

    Hey Joel, I am glad that a simple tweet could convince you to add Goa to your list! Thanks for the mention
    I don’t think you have ever been to India, but it’s definitely way more diverse than anywhere else. So you may check out other places too across India, and you would be amazed! Hint: Research Rajasthan!
    Loved reading your post and would be back to read more. My travel plans are limited to exploring America as of now and I am visiting Pennsylvania end of this month. Any recommendations?!

    • Joel
      April 10, 2017 at 7:48 pm

      Hi Anupriya,

      Thank you for stopping to take a look at my post. Being someone who very much is passionate about photography, photos do very much play a part in encouraging me to want to visit destinations. If someone else can capture interesting photos I see a place as interesting. However, it is not all about the photos and your post tells me there is much more to Goa as well.

      Unfortunately, I have never been to Pennsylvania myself. If it is in your plans or you have time I would definitely suggest visiting New York, accommodation can be expensive, but there are some amazing experiences around the city. I personally preferred the Top Of The Rock Observation Deck over The Empire State Building. Also, Central Park is great to walk through.

      If you are looking for other areas to visit in America, I would highly recommend the Pacific Northwest, around Seattle and Portland. If you like to see nature Mt Rainier from Seattle is a great area to explore and The Columbia River Valley from Portland has so many accessible waterfalls.

      I hope that you enjoy your visit to America and will look to keep an eye out when you share posts from your travel.

      All the best

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