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5 Quick Travel Tips To Think About

5 Quick Travel Tips To Think About

When it comes to travelling there are somethings that make it better and somethings that make it worst. In general what I want to do is try and help you to make your travel better. So today I have a quick post with five great tips for better travel experiences.

1. Smile & Say Hello

When you are travelling the easiest and cheapest thing to share with others is a small and a simple greeting. It might be with a fellow traveller on a flight or tour, or the service personnel that you encounter. But the simple act of saying hello or giving a smile can make a difference in their day and maybe yours as well.

2. Get Lost

If there is one great way that I have found to explore new cities is to go and get lost. In some cities this advice might need to be taken a little less literally. But there are many cities around the world that getting lost will help you find a whole lot more. The number of times that I have just let myself wander aimlessly through a city and only grab the map out when I want to get back to the hotel.

3. Try New Things

When you are travelling it is sometimes hard to avoid coming into contact with new things or experiences. It can be as simple as a new approach to the cooking of a dish. Or even a totally new food that you have never tried before. Right through to a totally new experience that you never thought you would try. Just take a little chance on something and try something new.

4. Take Less With You

The amount that we travel with sometimes can be rather a lot. One thing that I would challenge everyone to do is see how they can travel with less. There are many ways to do this, but take a close look at what is truly essential for your trip. Do you have maybe to many clothes, or to many shoes, to many devices or anything else. For many people I could almost be certain that you could leave at least one thing behind.

5. Look Both Ways

You might think that this seems a little silly and in some ways it is. But when you are travelling to different parts of the world sometimes it can be a little tricky remembering just which way the traffic is coming. So that is the safety aspect of this point, but on the other hand there is another little point to this. There have been plenty of times when I just looked the other way and spotted something worth looking at. Maybe a building, a square or park, there are so many things you miss by not having a look.

Get Out There

I hope that these are interesting or useful for you. Why not leave your quick travel tip in the comments below, I would love to see what you have. If I get enough people leaving comments I will look to share another post highlighting these tips.

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