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A Drive Through Jacobs Well and Surrounds

Jacobs Well - View

When you start to look around the city you live in there is a good chance that you spend a lot of your time in the city. However, when you look just outside the city area, you are likely to find that there are little pockets that you might have never visited. While there are some areas like this for me, I have managed to discover many more areas then other people might. Partially from being a photographer but also a hobby of mine called Geocaching.

Today I wanted to share one of those areas with you that might be a little drive from Brisbane but has some beautiful aspects to it. That area has a few small hamlets in it such as Cabbage Tree Point and Jacobs Well. While many locals and tourists alike may have spotted the names on the exits signs from the highway, I wonder just how many have visited the area. I took a morning and went for the drive to get some photos and share with you a little more.

Cabbage Tree Point

If you are heading off the highway to Jacobs Well, there is a small detour you can take through Cabbage Tree Point. You do specifically have to turn off, so it can be easy to miss it. The area is a small community of around 440 residents and during the week when I visited seems quite peaceful.

Cabbage Tree Point

There is a waterfront area here with a beach, playground and picnic area. I think it could get busy on weekends or holidays, but I have not been here in these times to know. There is also a boat ramp here that would allow access to the channels between the islands here.

Cabbage Tree Point

There is one small shop which seems to cover a little bit of everything. So if you come unprepared for a bite to eat or a coffee, you can probably get sorted here.

Cabbage Tree Point

Horizon Shores Marina

After leaving Cabbage Tree Point and continuing towards Jacobs Well, I made a stop at Horizon Shores Marina. The stop was because I knew about the cafe here and it was time for a coffee. The marina is one of the largest in Australia with over 500 wet berths, along with dry and trailer storage available. You can find out more on the Horizon Shores Marina Website.

The Anchorage Cafe - View

The Anchorage Cafe

The Anchorage Cafe

The Anchorage Cafe is a perfect spot to come for a relaxing cup of coffee or bite to eat while you are in the area. I have stopped by a couple of times, and with an outlook to the boats in the berths, it can give you a different point of view. It is not all that close to home but can be a perfect spot to get a little writing done at times.

Jacobs Well

The final stop along the drive for me today was at the waterfront at Jacobs Well. The area does have a nice feel to it and is somewhat similar to Cabbage Tree Point. There is a little higher population here with around 1800 residents, and there are a few more cafes and shops here as well.

Jacobs Well - View

Like Cabbage Tree Point there are some beautiful spots for a picnic or BBQ along the waterfront. There is also a boat ramp that does seem to be much more popular for putting boats in the water. However, with the proximity, I think your access to the waterways will be very similar.

Jacobs Well - Picnic Spot

The Drive

Much of the rive between Cabbage Tree Point, Jacob’s Well and the highway sugar cane farms surround you. There is a sugar mill in the area which is privately owned, but I would imagine processes much of the sugarcane grown locally. In addition, there are prawn farms here, but you need to head off the main roads to find them.

Jacobs Well - Cane Field

Come For A Drive

The area is rather beautiful to take a drive to from Brisbane, especially if you have not been before. You will find some nice options to stop for a coffee in The Anchorage Cafe or a couple of other cafes in Jacobs Well. You can also pack your picnic or find a spot to get fish and chips along the way. But I would urge you to take the drive sooner than later if you have not been, as there is much talk of significant developments down this way. While it might be part of progress, it will be sure to alter the character of the area.

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