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6 Favourite Spots for Coffee in Brisbane CBD

Brisbane Coffee - The Single Guys Coffee Co

Over the past year, I have been exploring coffee all over Queensland’s Great South East. Over the time I have had some great experiences along with the somewhat average ones. But I have been pretty happy as long as there is coffee involved.

As you might imagine I have managed to discover a couple of great cafes with pretty good coffee. In fact, there are probably dozens if I went through every cafe I have visited. Which is what I am hoping to do in time. However, today I wanted to share a few of my favourites from right in the middle of Brisbane.

Brisbane Coffee

For those who love their coffee, you are somewhat spoiled for choice in the Brisbane CBD. You will find all the big name brand coffee represented along with a mixture of smaller interstate and local roasters. Whether you want to grab your coffee on the go from a coffee cart or sit and sip it slowly in a cafe you have plenty of options.

If anything when it comes to coffee in Brisbane and the surrounds is I am often surprised by the places I find. Just when I thought I had discovered some great spots, another one I somehow missed is uncovered.

Today though I wanted to let you in on six of my favourites in the Brisbane CBD. I have enjoyed visiting each of these at different times over the past year and would recommend all of them for a visit. The one thing I can be sure of though is that there are also plenty of others that I have not included here today.

You can see them on the map of Brisbane CBD below, they are the pink markers with little hearts. Just remember these are some of my favourites and you might have your own favourite. If you do have one that I have not included I would love to hear about it, just leave a comment below.

Brisbane Coffee Map


Botero – 258 Adelaide Street

Brisbane Coffee - Botero

At first, I thought Botero to be another cool looking cafe in Brisbane. However, once I started doing a little research I found they were a bit more than just a cafe. Botero is a brand of coffee roasted at their roastery in Maclean in Northern New South Wales. With the coffee available in over 80 cafes throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania.

They offer a range of different coffee blends to suit your liking and seem to take extreme care in each cup. The look of their espresso bar in Brisbane is quite nice as well with a big window at the front where the light spills in.

Coffee Anthology – 126 Margaret Street

Brisbane Coffee - Coffee Anthology

Coffee Anthology was a spot that I rather enjoyed the experience of the coffee. I cannot even remember which specific coffee I got to try on my visit a little while back, but I know it was good. They seem to rotate in some different coffee from different roasters, which I kind of like the idea it keeps you wanting to come back for more.

Frankie and George – 366 George Street

Brisbane Coffee - Frankie & George

Frankie and George from what I have seen is one popular cafe. Once I finally got to visit I can absolutely understand why. They take great care in ensuring your coffee is just right, even using water at the correct temperature to get the perfect long black. They were using the house blend from Parallel Roasters on the day I visited. But they do use other coffee from other roasters as well I believe.

Pablo & Rusty’s – 200 Mary Street

Brisbane Coffee - Pablo & Rusty's

Pablo & Rusty have a great little spot for coffee down on Mary Street in Brisbane. In fact this cafe in the Brisbane CBD is one of only two spots in Brisbane with Pablo & Rusty Coffee. They have many more cafes in sydney with their coffee, but it might catch on in Brisbane as well because it is some rather good coffee.

The Single Guys Coffee Co – 201 Charlotte Street

Brisbane Coffee - The Single Guys Coffee Co

I first found out about The Single Guys Coffee Co when I saw their cafe in the Western Suburbs. However, I somehow never managed to be in the area when they were open and subsequently have still never visited that location. But I do get into the Brisbane CBD in the morning on a much more regular basis and knew I had to stop by when they opened on Charlotte Street. Definitely a good coffee whenever I have stopped by.

Bonsai Botanika – 109 Elizabeth Street

Brisbane Coffee - Bonsai Botanika

At Bonsai Botanika they take coffee seriously and I spotted it as soon as I walked in the door. As you walk in the door you can spot the numerous cold drip coffee in various stages on the counter. There is also the large poster that outlines the different coffee and brew options.

For my visit to Bonsai Botanika, I stuck with my regular long black coffee. They also seem to have a good focus on chocolate as part of their offering. Definitely, something I am going to have to take some time to go and explore.

Enjoy Your Coffee

I hope that these few favourite spots of mine may inspire you to grab a good coffee sometime soon. While this is just six spots I have found around the Brisbane CBD I can tell you there are plenty more I could have included as well. Why not leave a comment below, with your favourite coffee shop in Brisbane, I would love to know if I have missed one.

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