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Favourite Sunsets From 2017 Part 2

Sunset - Gold Coast Spit, 5th February 2017

Last week I shared with you some of my Favourite Sunsets From 2017 Part 1. In that post, I shared with you four sunsets from Cleveland Point throughout 2017. Today I will be sharing with you another five sunsets from 2017.

Unlike the last post all of the sunsets that I will share with you today I have travelled a little way from home to capture. Some just down the road to the Gold Coast, while others were part of a road trip to Canberra or my South Pacific cruise.

Travelling Sunsets

One thing that I love about travelling is getting to see the sunset from a different perspective. When you are at or near home it does tend to get somewhat the same. Maybe the rays will show up a little different or the cloud will look interesting. But essentially it is very similar most days. But when you travel there is almost always something a little different to what you are used to.

Gold Coast Spit, 5th February 2017

Sunset - Gold Coast Spit, 5th February 2017

While this photo might have been taken a just a little prior to the sun setting, it was not to far off. It was on this afternoon that I attended my first Instameet with a group of Instagrammers at the Gold Coast Spit. The afternoon started near looking out to the Pacific Ocean with the sun behind us. However, as the sun was heading for the horizon a small group headed to the other side of the spit to capture the sunset. It was on the way over I spotted how the light was spilling between the trees and could not help taking this photo.

Pacific Ocean, 25th February 2017

Sunset - Pacific Ocean, 25th February 2017

It is one thing to capture a sunset across the water. But it is not every day that you can capture a sunset surrounded by hundreds of kilometres of water. That is unless you are on a cruise ship.

It was on the last afternoon before the ship would arrive back to Brisbane that I capture this photo. We were roughly 275km northeast of Brisbane level with Maryborough or about 170km east of Fraser Island. It is something that I do enjoy capturing the sunset or sunrise when cruising. Maybe I should consider a post of cruising sunsets and sunrises.

Gosford, 8th November 2017

Sunset - Gosford, 8th November 2017

Gosford was the third overnight stop on a little road trip I did to Canberra in November 2017. It was not always possible to be in the right spot at the right time to capture the sunset because I was travelling with other people. However, on this particular afternoon, we just happened to be out looking for a spot for dinner when I noticed the sunset. We made the stop and captured this photo with the boats on the water just before the sun disappeared below the mountain.

Dubbo, 11th November 2017

Sunset - Dubbo, 11th November 2017

Another opportunity that I had to capture the sunset on the road trip in November 2017 was in the town of Dubbo. Again we had taken a short walk to look for something to get for dinner and I took a little detour down to the river. I was quite happy with what I was able to capture without much preparation. I think that if I had some more time in the area there would be a couple of spots that would make for some nice looking sunsets.

Coolangatta, 28th September 2017

Sunset - Coolangatta, 28th September 2017

Coolangatta is a place that I have visited quite a number of times in the past few years. However, while on previous trips I have been up and about early to capture the sunrise, I rarely get a chance to capture the sunset. One the most recent trip at the end of September 2017, I took an opportunity while waiting for friends to capture the sunset.

I played with a couple of vantage points, but it just seemed that I kept getting closer and closer to the water. I kept dodging the waves as they came up the beach. But it was within seconds of this photo that I mistimed a wave and found myself trudging up the beach with wet feet. The things we do for a photo at times.

Chasing The Sun

It looks like that brings to an end my look back at some of the photos I have captured. Although it was as I was writing this that I had a thought. It will require me to dig a little more deeply into the archives on my photography. But I may still have some sunset photos from 2013 or even 2012. I will take a look and may share another post. Otherwise, the next post will be coming in January 2019, with my favourite sunsets from 2018.

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