Port Call – Exploring Katakolo, Greece

Katakolo - Waterfront

Katakolo, a small seaside town is the second port of call in Greece for my cruise. It was not until we arrived today that I realised jut how small the town is. There is one main street and maybe one or two other streets in total.

The size of the town probably plays a big part in the area having a fairly peaceful unrushed atmosphere. Although there are signs of other local industries, the primary industry in town is Tourism. With some 500+ cruise ships visiting the town each year. But most of the attractions are not in the town itself and take a little extra travel to reach. With places like Olympia being one of the bigger drawcards.

Walking Katakolo

Today I chose to stick to a simple day of walking and exploring the local area. I started off down the main street and soon realised just how small the town is. It was no more than a couple of minutes before I had exhausted the area. I was very happy to find a small tourist train at the end of the main street, to help fill in a little more time.

Katakolo - Tourist Train

The tourist train takes you around 20 minutes out of Katakolo to another small village nearby. Some rather interesting looking houses look to date back many decades. The views from the area are spectacular, but due to the position of the sun tough to photograph.

Katakolo - Rural House

Exploring Near Town

After the tourist train, I took a walk up and along the hill behind the town. There is some effort required to get up here besides just finding the path to start with. It is a combination of stairs and a steep walk. However, you are rewarded with some rather good views over the town and out to the water.

Katakolo - View from the hill above the town

The walk up above the town also offered a rather good opportunity to get a photo oof the ship. The Ms Niuew Amsterdam docked in Katakolo below.

MS Nieuw Amsterdam in port Katakolo

Cafe Waterfront

I finished the day sitting at a cafe along the waterfront here. There are so many to choose from it was a little challenge deciding. But it is a rather relaxing area just to sit and enjoy a drink.

Katakolo - Waterfront

After 10 minutes in port, I was a little concerned about being able to fill my day exploring the area. However, honestly, if you are interested in exploring you can almost always find something to look at. The area here seems like a great place to spend a few relaxing days. But I think I would want to explore further if I was back in the area again.

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