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Las Vegas - Fashion Show Mall

Exploring The Las Vegas Strip In A Day

Today is my second and last day in Las Vegas for this trip. Yesterday gave me an excellent opportunity to see quite some things that I missed on my last trip. I also managed to fit one extra thing…

Las Vegas MGM & Excalibur

First Day Back In Las Vegas Day

Would you look at that I am back in Las Vegas again? Honestly, I don’t know if I needed to come again, but here we are.  There are a couple of good things to come out of this second visit…

Los Angeles - City Skyline from Mulholland Drive

Exploring Los Angeles California

Los Angeles, the last stop for many on the way back to Australia from the USA. But it was not somewhere I realised that I wanted to spend any time until maybe ten days before my flight from LAX…

Dallas - Texas School Book Depository

Exploring Dallas Texas

Spending 28-days on a cruise ship sounds like the perfect way to relax. Something that I do not disagree with. However, it is a little harder to get back into getting around yourself. Since disembarking in San Diego, I…

28 Day Panama Canal Cruise

28 Day Panama Canal Cruise Summary

The idea of travelling by cruise ship had never occurred to me until booking an 8 week trip to America. Eight weeks is a long time to fill in when you are continually on the move. The idea of…

San Diego - USS Midway Flight Deck Towards Stern

Exploring The USS Midway In San Diego

For my second day in San Diego, there were two main things planned. In the morning I was to visit the USS Midway, and for the afternoon I would take a cruise on the harbour. Well, one thing worked…

San Diego - Star Of India

Exploring The San Diego Maritime Museum

Today I am moving cities again, the past six days in San Francisco has been great. But it is time to move on to San Diego, my last stop before boarding the 28 Day Panama Canal Cruise. The start…

San Francisco - Cable Car

Exploring San Francisco By Trolley Bus

I have been in San Francisco for just a few days and the time has gone by so quickly. Today was my last full day to explore, and there were a few things that I wanted to get around…

San Francisco - Fort Mason

More Exploring In San Francisco

Today looked like a beautiful day to be out and about exploring San Francisco with a nice bright sunny day. I had a couple of things planned for today. However, I will have to see how the timing goes…

San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

Exploring The City Of San Francisco

After attending a Couch Surfing event last night, I got started a little later than I had planned. But I got to meet a couple of great new people, and it was a good change from just going solo.…

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