Budapest, Hungary - A little out of focus

A Little Out of Focus in Budapest

I have found that travelling can be a rather funny thing at times. The way that things can work out especially when you do so much advance planning. Such is the case when I planned my last major overseas…

Stonehenge in England
Destinations Feature

A Visit To Stonehenge in England

When I first decided that I would visit England as part of a trip there seemed to be only one thing that came to mind. That was to visit Stonehenge and thinking back now I cannot come up with…

Noosaville - Noosa River
Destinations Feature

An Afternoon Walk At Noosaville

Even though I have visited the area around Noosa in the last couple of years it is not since I was a child that I have stayed in the area. Noosaville is a suburb of Noosa and located around…

Mooloolaba - Beach
Destinations Feature

Meandering Along At Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba is a small area around 100km north of Brisbane. The area is bordered by the Sunshine Motorway to the west and the Mooloolah River to the south, with the Pacific Ocean to the east. Covering just 4 square…

Slowing Down Your Road Trip
Feature Planning

Slowing Down Your Road Trip

Last year in November I hit the road with two friends on a whirlwind eight-day road trip from Brisbane to Canberra. In total, we spent seven days on the road and just one full day in Canberra. The experience…

Alexandra Headland - Beach
Destinations Feature

A Wander Around Alexandra Headland

For many people, Alexandra Headland might not be a place that you think about stopping. With Maroochydore to the north and Mooloolaba to the south, Alexandra Headland kind of just is there in the middle. While some people might…

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