Travel Explored - Week 18 Round Up

Travel Explored Week 18 Round Up

For the most part, I try to keep this blog positive and upbeat. Of course, there are times when you are talking about travel that you have to move away from that idea a little. Not to bring the…

Multiple Memory Cards & Batteries
Feature Photography

Multiple Memory Cards & Batteries

When it comes to memory cards and batteries these are two accessories that you must have for your camera. But what do you need and why do you need it? These questions maybe are not all that important when…

Vienna -Danube Canal
Destinations Feature

A View of the Danube Canal in Vienna

The very first day that I arrived in the city of Vienna was definitely an interesting experience. It was the third day of a journey that would take me across three continents, through 19 countries in 80-days. But at…

Writing & Sharing On A Daily Basis
Announcments Feature

Writing & Sharing on a Daily Basis

At the beginning of the year, I decided to make a more concerted effort to share more frequently on Travel Explored. The result of this decisions saw me share 10 posts through the month of January. That turned out…

Update: My 2018 Bike Ride Progress
Bicycle Feature

Update: My 2018 Bike Ride Progress

Today marks the 100th day since I decided on the 23rd of January that I would ride for 5,000 kilometres this year. Even though I might not have been on the bike every single one of those 100 days,…

Coffee - Mi Casa Cafe
Coffee Feature

May Your Coffee Be Strong – Week 17, 2018

There is one topic that often comes up when you start talking about coffee and it is what strength you prefer. Everyone seems to be a little different in how they like they coffee and some people can be…

Travel Explored Week 17 Round Up

Travel Explored Week 17 Round Up

When it comes to writing and travel they are something that I love to bring together. Over the years if you were to look back through the archives of this blog I have not always been able to do…

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Sunrise
Cruising Feature

A Sunrise In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The first time I decided to book a trip and travel overseas, I had no idea what my future travels would hold for me. I booked a trip to visit four countries, where the predominant language was mainly English.…

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