Coffee - Noego Coffee Co, Ormeau
Coffee Feature

Coffee, Where Ya Bean! – Week 6, 2018

I wanted to do something a little different when sharing my coffee this week and decided to go with a theme week. So having a little think about the idea, I decided that I would follow the theme of…

Downtime by the swimming pool
Feature Travel Tips

Schedule Downtime When You Travel

Have you ever returned home after taking some time off and travelling, only to feel like you need another holiday? While travelling can be one of the most amazing adventures, it can also be one of the most draining. A…

Feature Travel Tips

Patience Is A Virtue When Travelling

I am sure that most people have probably heard the phrase “patience is a virtue.” While few people probably know that this probably dates back to the fifth-century poem “Psychomachia.” The poem outlined seven heavenly virtues and seven deadly…

Manly Harbour Village Walk
Around Brisbane Feature

Take a Walk at Manly Harbour Village

In the morning heading out for an early coffee can be quite enjoyable at times. Especially when you get to visit beautiful areas like Manly Harbour Village, on Brisbane’s Bayside. Even though I have visited the area on numerous…

First Cruise MS Statendam in San Diego
Cruising Feature

The Changing Names of Cruiseships

You might think that the name of a cruise ship is something that is set and never changes. But it is something that can change for ships, especially if they are changing owners. While it might not be something…

Sunset - Cleveland Point, 7th April 2015
Feature Photography

Favourite Sunsets From 2015/2016

Last week I shared a post that contained a collection of sunsets that I capture in 2014. I hope that you enjoyed that post as today I am sharing with you another collection of sunsets. These ones come from…

Coffee - The Def Chef, Dubbo
Coffee Feature

Coffee, Just Drink It – Week 5, 2018

We love visiting a cafe for our coffee because it is made using fresh beans on a quality machine that should give us a great tasting coffee. However, the machine itself can be a factor in just how good…

Brisbane Coffee - The Single Guys Coffee Co
Coffee Feature

6 Favourite Spots for Coffee in Brisbane CBD

Over the past year, I have been exploring coffee all over Queensland’s Great South East. Over the time I have had some great experiences along with the somewhat average ones. But I have been pretty happy as long as…

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