Travel Explored - Week In Review

Travel Explored – Week In Review

Here we are at the end of the first week of May and I have been enjoying the change in weather in Brisbane. I have even found myself putting a jacket on with a slight chill in the car…

Avoid Jet Lag
Feature Travel Tips

2 Ways I Avoid Jet Lag When Travelling

It is not always easy dealing with long distance travel. With the idea of sleeping on planes and the uncanny ability of no actual optimal time for a flight to arrive and depart. Many people end up dealing with…

My Advice for Planning a Long Overseas Trip
Feature Planning

Advice For Planning A Long Overseas Trip

When was the last time that you took a holiday where you travelled for more than one or two weeks? How about a holiday that required booking multiple flights or hotels? How about planning a holiday that is long than a…

Christchurch - Governors Bay
Destinations Feature

Exploring Christchurch, New Zealand

When I visited New Zealand in 2015, I spent the majority of my time in Christchurch. The primary reason for my trip to the area was to attend a Geocaching Mega Event in the area known as Kaiapoi. I…


Travel Explored – Week In Review

Today brings the month of April to a close and as such the first third of the year is gone. I know it is kind of terrible looking at it that way, but it is the reality. However, that…

Future Travel Plans

Future Travel Thoughts For 2017

When I think about the last time that I travelled, my mind goes back to 2012 when I visited Europe. Although I have taken some smaller trips since then, nothing all that significant. There has been two week long…

Godley Head
Feature Geocaching

Hiking Godley Head – New Zealand

When people tell you that New Zealand has some amazing and beautiful countryside, it is easy just to brush it off. That is until you get the chance to experience it for yourself. Although I had visited New Zealand…

Holiday time
Feature Travel Tips

Making The Most Of Holiday Time

When it comes to our time off work, there never seems to be enough time. In Australia, the standard is around four weeks of holiday leave per year. Although it is more common to take this in smaller blocks…

Travel Explored - Week In Review 23rd April 2017

Travel Explored – Week In Review

Welcome to another week in review at Travel Explored. It has been an interesting week and I have made the move to get up a little earlier. I think it is four or five days that I have been…

Road Trip Hazards
Feature Travelling

4 Hazards You May Face On A Road Trip

There can be any number of things that come up which can slow down or entirely change your plans for a road trip. While it can be disappointing sometimes, it just might take a little extra effort to keep…

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